Fact: More than half of all runners will overdo it at least once in their running career.

You know the drill. There’s an upcoming marathon. You want to train as hard as you possibly can to smash your PB. You put in the hours and push your body to the absolute extreme to get it where it needs to be.
But in fact, this can be a massive hindrance. Some people train to the point where their body becomes weaker. It occurs when the volume and intensity of training overtakes the individual’s capacity to recover.
This leads people to burn out resulting in chronic fatigue, persistent muscle soreness and injury which can take many months to recover from. Not only that, but you could be forced to tear up your schedule which will no doubt be frustrating to any athlete.

Training = Workout + Recovery

The problem with overtraining is that the signs and symptoms show up very gradually and can look like other problems. Over time, however, this cycle of starting another training session before you have a chance to recover can break down the parts of the body that you have worked so hard to build up.

Symptoms include: Recurrent or prolonged injuries like tendinitis or stress fractures. Illnesses caused by decreased immune system function. Decreased performance (getting slower or weaker). Mental health issues (such as depression). Chronic fatigue. Rapid loss of lean body weight (weight loss without body fat loss). Increase in morning resting heart rate. Like with everything else health related, recovery time is essential. Two main factors are necessary in recovery: nutrition and time. Your body uses the nutrients you have given it during rest time, particularly during sleep, to repair itself. Therefore, it is vital that you fill your body with the right nutrients to ensure you are well hydrated and on target to reach your goals.

So, how do you make sure you’re putting in the hours but not putting your body at risk of injury?
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